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What makes Junction Chemist your obvious choice?

Toronto Community Pharmacy

Junction Chemist is a full-service pharmacy offering the products and services you need. Everything from professional consultations to on-site injections, as well as free delivery; we’re here for you. Dispensing pharmaceuticals and advice, our fully trained and qualified staff is available to guide you on a variety of healthcare topics, from pediatric care to information on prescription medication. We take the time to meet your needs and answer all the questions you might have. We carry numerous pediatric lines, organic lines and nutraceuticals, providing a variety of quality products for our valued customers.

We are conveniently located at 17 St. Johns Rd, in the heart of the Junction.

Pharmacist and local resident Barbara Violo provides the care and commitment you won’t find anywhere else. A Biology Major with a Masters in Pharmacology and a mother of two children, Ms. Violo has both the professional and personal experience to help you when you need it. Trained in opioid dependency and injection certified, she is the knowledgeable expert you can turn to for on-site injections. She and her team of professionals put you at the heart of what they do, taking care of your personal health needs.